‘No maintenance software’ is where we’re headed

A recap of the software evolution

Until 2000, server and application management were closely intertwined, and most of the challenges that followed were a result of this coupling of architectures. In response, support organizations would focus their efforts on availability of applications — therefore, playing a mere ancillary role for the physically managed businesses.

Maintenance approaches of the past no longer work

In order for this software to remain useful, it will have to fail less and require less maintenance. The consequences of not maintaining updated software can be fatal to business.

Outdated software is a security risk

Not too long ago, a large credit rating agency in the USA suffered a massive security breach because they hadn’t applied a widely known security patch in time. This is an example of a company’s inability to stay updated in a changing technical landscape which resulted in an obvious and direct negative impact on their ability to serve customers.

Poor maintenance impacts organizational agility

Retailers are known to regularly add new rules to their complex infrastructure in accordance with seasonal and occasional promotions and campaigns — Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. And, most retailers undergo major outages while their technology infrastructure is being updated.

Poor maintenance accelerates integration issues

Many banks grapple with old back-end infrastructure that manages traditional general ledgers or other reconciliation, even though their front-end is upgraded and shiny. The banks are also usually complying with open banking regulations to enable interoperability with other financial services organizations.

Sustainable strategies to manage modern digital assets

Allow us to reiterate, maintenance approaches designed for software that was written decades ago do not work anymore. Not dissimilar to how you would not service your Tesla at the local auto repair shop.

Evolving contracts between business and its software

To better understand the ‘changing contracts,’ we take the example of the car rental industry and look at how it has been impacted by such evolving contracts in the recent past.

When will ‘no maintenance software’ become the norm?

But, how close are today’s enterprises to this ‘no maintenance software’ in reality? It’s possibly at its lowest level of maturity. While there are pockets of experimentation, there isn’t an example of a full scale implementation of the approach.



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