Exploring a 360 approach to climate responsibility


At Thoughtworks we have always been concerned with the relationship between tech and society since our founding almost 30 years ago. We take it seriously and work effectively and consciously in every partnership or engagement to see this addressed. This attitude toward the matter is one of the levers of our social change framework, which we proudly share publicly to clients and partners, but also to existing and potentially new colleagues and friends.


The country of Spain has a rich history of advocating for social change in several aspects, and climate emergency initiatives have not fallen behind here. The Spanish offices were born around 2016 and from day one Thoughtworkers brought climate action into the local agenda.


The societal aspect of our climate effort is the most colorful. It has taken many shapes since our office in Barcelona first came to life in a city well known for its active social involvement. Activism is in the air, everywhere.


Along these lines, we have worked with some regional clients and partners to enhance their mindset, tech, and practices in terms of sustainability.


Last but not least, there is an internal effort that we have also been nurturing. Thoughtworkers get to be part of an active community of practice and contribute to internal capability development. This includes a broad offering of spaces and instances such as Pecha Kuchas, Lunch and Learns, in-office instructions for recycling awareness, vegan and vegetarian snack options, a concerted effort to optimize office space and supply, and a quarterly newsletter to inform our fellow colleagues.


The climate emergency is a problem that is right in front of us and addressing it will need every actor in society to do their part. Technology by itself won’t save us, it rarely does. However, if we take a holistic and humanistic approach there is hope in changing things. Sustainable Tech, and its emergent principles, are part of this complex yet necessary change. At Thoughtworks we aim for that change to happen at different levels and we are certainly working hard to keep up with that effort.



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