By Aj

In the wake of more mobilized social movements around the world, ‘allyship’ is a term that gets tossed around a lot. While anyone can claim to be an ally, to truly stand in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community requires going beyond hashtags, Pride flag-inspired photo frames on social media and marching in Pride parades. So how can you go from performative allyship to solidarity?

A great starting point in any journey is to learn the truth, then educate, increase awareness and feel more empowered to speak out in situations where you observe discrimination or harassment. …

By Dr J Harrison

Image of a rainbow in the sky above some trees.
Image of a rainbow in the sky above some trees.

Content warning — this is personal and will talk about suicidal ideations and suicide

For the longest time, almost 40 years, I wanted to not be here, to escape the pain that being me was causing me.

Since I can recall being aware of my gender and sexuality, I have felt the pain of not belonging and not being accepted. I have been told I don’t fit in, and that I need to change who I am. …

I’m weary of carrying the burden of speaking up and stepping up only to be pushed down. White and allies are also tired of being told they’re doing it wrong or that it isn’t even their place to show up at all. This fatigue is impacting all of us, but we shouldn’t be satisfied with the status quo. Social justice requires an accomplice. That’s where allyship comes in:

An ally is someone who is not a member of a community but engages in action to support said community. Allyship is really seeing the person next to us, and the person…

By Jacob Bo Tiedemann & Tanja Bach

In over 50% of organisations, software developers only spent 30–40% of their time on feature development ( State of DevOps 2018; 2019). While DevOps and Continuous Delivery solve specific problems to increase the time spent on value-adding activities, your organisational performance is determined by more than a gap between development and operations. Improving the overall developer experience is essential to increase the developer effectiveness. In this article, we will share with you reasons to invest and key approaches to set your developer and thus, your business up for success.

Developer Experience (DX) encompasses…

By Esther Tham

When was the last time you went about your entire day without engaging with your mobile device? I remember being in my teens when I got my first mobile phone, a Nokia 8250. Since then, I’ve never gone a day without using a mobile phone.

When I made a solo 55-hour round trip to Shunen, Yamaguchi, Japan in November 2019 to see my favourite J-Rock band perform live, it got me thinking about the level of engagement we have with our mobile devices and how dependent we have become on them. Within the first 18 hours of…

By Kuldeep Singh & Raju Kandaswamy

The IMF called the COVID-19 crisis ‘unlike any other,’ where the global growth contraction for 2020 was estimated at -3.5 percent.

Here is a quick overview of the biggest challenges that CXOs (and their businesses) have faced over the recent past, to better illustrate how the pandemic is affecting businesses:

  • Businesses are grappling with slowing global supply chains
  • Sales and production growth is further impacted with a subsequent dive in opportunities for partnerships and growth
  • ​The flattened or negative growth market result in less manpower and resources to work with, further affecting productivity
​The five biggest challenges that CXOs are facing today


By Mike Mason

In each edition of the Radar we include a handful of “themes” that help the reader understand larger trends among the details of the individual blips. We only have limited space and often there are more trends than we have room for. These “macro trends” articles expand upon each Radar with a few more stories from the tech industry. Read on for the bigger picture.

Monorepos? Maybe.

The concept of the monorepo — a single large source code repository that stores code and assets across all projects within an organization — has gained traction over the last few years…

By Donal Quinn

Image of a desk with a laptop, monior and a desk chair
Image of a desk with a laptop, monior and a desk chair
My WFH setup — complete with inspirational artwork!

In the beginning, people went to the office because that was how you got work done. Meetings were face-to-face and work itself typically involved moving pieces of paper around in one way or another. Over time, the way work and meetings were done became increasingly digitized but most of us still went to the office because, well, that was what we did.

Suddenly, in March 2020 everything changed. The pandemic and the associated economic chaos caused health and financial trauma for millions but for a sizeable and privileged group our work simply transferred to our homes. …

By Alwina Oyewoleturner

As a career changer and a black woman, transitioning into tech has been a challenging and so far, a rewarding experience. Prior to working at ThoughtWorks, I worked for more than a decade in the legal industry assisting Intellectual Property litigation attorneys. In 2016, I decided to learn to code and attended an online coding bootcamp while I was working full time. It was definitely effortful learning to code, however, I wanted to make the change into tech because I knew the opportunities to be creative and grow professionally would be plentiful.

3 side-by-side images of Alwina.
3 side-by-side images of Alwina.

After spending quite a bit…

By Archana Chillala

“If there was a name for every dot on the spectrum of gender identity, expression and sexual orientation, I’m sure we would all identify ourselves more specifically on the spectrum and the word Queer would no longer exist.”

My deeper understanding of the LGBTIA+ community started in 2016, when I attended a conference on ‘Workplace Equality for LGBTI+ community’ at ISB, Hyderabad.

Vyjayanthi Vasantha Mogli, a transgender activist and one of the founding members of the Telangana Hijra Transgender Samiti, was a panelist at the conference. …


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